For the wedding ceremony, Poppy Designs offer a choice of two types of stationery - the simple three-fold sheet or a stylised booklet.  Both these designs can be adapted for either a Church or Civil ceremony.  

Order of Service/Ceremony - Three-fold sheet

This simple three-fold design is printed on medium weight, quality white or ivory card.

Three-fold sheet Pricing

Quantities 10 25 50 100
3-fold card 20.65 29.15 53.40 99.50

For quantities greater than 25, additional sheets can be ordered as follows:

Extra 10's


Note: These sheets can be colour themed to suit your wedding.  Please contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to quote a competitive price.


Order of Service/Ceremony - Booklets

This booklet is available in the large size of card only, in a choice of four different textures:

  • white linen look
  • white hammered
  • ivory hammered
  • ivory textured

The booklet will be suitably themed to complement the chosen design of your wedding invitations and will be complete with printed insert.*


*Here, 'The Happy Couple' is used as an example design.

Booklet Pricing

10 25 50 100 Extra 10s
(over 25)
Rose of Love
Pearls of Joy
Lily Bouquet
58.35 82.60 157.70 299.99 31.20
Lucky Heather
White Lace
Hearts Together
48.50 70.45 133.40 256.99 26.55
Happy Couple
Tender Hearts
Bow Bells
Sheer Elegance Floral Posy
36.40 54.30 102.80 194.00 20.80